Meredith and the Mean Girls


Okay, so for those of you who have read the book and want to share anything about what you thought of it, please comment below.
I will take any constructive feedback. If you do have any, please be honest because constructive feedback lets me know what I can do better next time.

33 Responses to "Reviews"

Ugh!!! I got logged out of my wordpress account AGAIN!!!!!

Well, anyway, it’s me, Maddie!!!

well a girls got to do what a girls got to do.

Simply amazing, you have written the best book for your age I have EVER seen. I hope you keep your skills up!

you can say that again. = )

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

you can say that again.

Maddie great book! i’m sooo existed 4 the new book to coming out. i hope i see you later in the summer. GO DONGEN! and also GO POPE GRAYHOUNDS.

Lol thanks! I am actually writing the new book at this moment, (well not as I type this 🙂 ). I hope I see you too!!

= )

what is this book about?

what r the videos of? my comter doesn’t let me see them.

The videos are: 1 is a new story, 1 is a bottle cap making video (I didn’t make it though), 1 is of me reading chapter 1 of Meredith and the Mean Girls, 1 is of me explaining how to publish a book, and 2 are of me just talking about MMG

what is mmg?

whats mmg?

Well, this time it’s about Melissa and how she has to overcome her shyness throughout all the summer activities. I think you’ll like it. It’s going very well =D



Jessica- MMG stands for Meredith and the Mean Girls.


is the book going to be call it mellisa and the mean girls?

No, I actually haven’t settled on a title, but my dad says that is one of the least important parts. When you’re writing, you just want to get the plot down, and later in the editing process the title becomes important.

maddie thanks 4 the help on the questions.

maddie what do you think that someday you are going to be on the summer reading list 4 author or the book meredithand the mean girls?

Well, that’d be nice, but I’m not so sure about that. I don’t know if any books in this series will make it THAT far, but it sure would b cool. I do plan on writing other series that will hopefully be big enough hits. I hope that eventually one of my books could end up on a list like that

hi maddie!!

but that would b cool though. then i woundn’t read those boring books that i have 2 read every summer.

I know rite!! I’m only halfway through my first book *blushes*

same. but some books are really good like the book am reading (the blue heron by avi)

my other ones look just plan boring. and i have to read a book that i already red!!! and i don’t even like that book!!!

just kinding it was really good.


If you ever need anything from me for your books, just ask (via email, etc.)

Hi Maddie! I haven’t read your book, only the preview on Amazon, but I’m really impressed!I’m two years older than you, and I know that writing is hard work. The fact that you got published at such a young age will help you go far in the writing world when you become an adult! Your book is very well-written for someone your age, and your writing will get even better just as long as you practice. If it isn’t already up here, I think you should post your journey on how you got published! Keep up the great work!

Hi maddie!! hows your book??? maybe great. i loved your other book . it was great!well goog luck!

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